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the birth of a movement

Kim Brodie, Ph.D.
CHES®, ACSM-EP®, ACE Certified Health Coach 
Wellness Coach, Wellness Equity Advocate, and Health Educator

Look at you! You made it here and this is NOT an accident! 


I'm Dr. Kim Brodie and my story is simple; My life was out of sorts. I was tired, overwhelmed physically and emotionally, and had lost focus on the lifestyle I desired. I felt horrible most days of the week; I wasn't sleeping well, couldn't focus, endured physical pain in my body, and food was my enemy. After a few years of struggle in this cycle, I realized I desired MORE! And...I was worth fighting for! I decided to take ownership of the poor choices I was making so that I could reclaim my health. While fearful and uncertain, I began a two-year intensive journey to recover my 'Self'. My focus was to experience great health through self-care and better health behavior choices.


As a result of this work, I was able to restore my wellness journey to positive movement. This means that my behavior choices now support the vision I hold for my health and lifestyle. Most importantly, I soon realized that I already possessed the skills I needed to be successful! I am a firm believer that we all have the skills needed to make positive experiences in health and wellness a reality in our lives!

I meet women all the time who feel that their best years have escaped them. They feel tossed around by the circumstances of life and less in touch with what they really want. They might also feel that they do not have the resources needed to make the lifestyle they envision possible. What these women have in common is the desire for MORE. MORE balance, MORE thriving, MORE joy, MORE vitality, and MORE health.


The MORE movement is all about empowering women to experience their MORE through education, resource building, personal and collective growth, community support, and lifestyle re-visioning.


As my own wellness journey moves forward, I am operating in the truth that my greater mission is to help other women realize the wellness lifestyle they envision, desire, and deserve.  My focus is to leverage my personal and professional experiences to curate spaces for real change and transition to wholeness through great health. If you are ready for restoration and positive movement on your wellness journey, you are in the right place.

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